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La Bérue Déglinguée

It is in 2015, vintage itself atypical, that I had the opportunity to create this Cuvée for the less original.

It had been several years since I had in mind the desire to make a festive wine, flattering and to drink without complex.

The idea was to break the somewhat rigid codes “Bordelais”, to make certainly a Bordeaux but which is jovial and friendly.

Here no blending, single varietal wine 100% Merlot, worked on the over-ripeness.

The labelling surprising by a Burgundy bottle, and anti-traditional labels declined in 6 skits revealing the character of the “Bérue” in all its states.

And finally, what is La Bérue? The somewhat zany nickname of your winemaker who will have no more secrets for you!

As for the adjective qualifying that has been given, the full responsibility is my husband Cyril who has well illustrated the offbeat concept of this wine.