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Terroir & Savoir-faire

château LUSSEAU

20 km south-east of Bordeaux, the banks of the Garonne 4 km, the vineyards of Château Lusseau are blessed gods. Of one in particular: Bacchus.

Boasting a characteristic soil – that of the heart of Graves – sunshine and additional rainfall, they produce a noble fruit from which flows a powerful wine that likes to brave the years.

For more than a century, Château Lusseau has made respect for the traditional methods of growing vines. A course of action in the service of the quality of its wines and the protection of the ecosystem to which it belongs.

The systematic refusal of pesticides, but also the care given to the work of the vine (manual harvesting and mechanical weeding) are thus part of the constants that characterize the know-how of the house.

In order to give additional credit to this uncompromising approach, Château Lusseau has recently chosen to take the step of organic farming.

Since 2007, the process of conversion to the “organic” is well underway, resulting in a work in total harmony with nature, a consequence of a global vision of life around us to let the terroir express itself.

Concretely, what is it? Neither more nor less than a return to ancestral values making the observation of the nature in all its diversity an obviousness.

This openness to the world and the environment in which we operate should allow, for example, to detect certain shortcomings that could be suffered by the vine in order to intervene in the most appropriate manner.

To enrich the soil according to its needs, we have learned to work with wealth too often neglected and yet at hand, on the land of the property itself.

The use of external products not belonging to our ecosystem is now regularly banned in favor of plants proving excellent fertilizers (nettles, horsetail, fern …).

To counter the diseases, copper and sulfur have also come to replace chemicals and synthetics.

In a few numbers :

  • Planted area: 7 hectares, of which 6 ha are 50 in red and 0 ha 50 in white.
  • 6,600 feet per hectare
  • Red grape varieties: Merlot 55%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Malbec 5%
  • 12 to 14 months of aging in barrels
  • White grape varieties: Sauvignon 50% Sémillon 45% Muscadelle 5%
  • 6 to 8 months aging in barrels

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