Collection of 6 bottles “La Bérue Déglingué” 2022


A label available in six designs. All only sold in groups of six, so as not to break up this set of six families. The flat and decorated boxes are worth the detour alone. A shot for laughs but also a shot to make us love an exceptional wine.



For several years now, I had in mind the desire to make a festive, flattering wine that could be drunk without complexes.

The idea was to break the somewhat rigid Bordeaux codes, to create a Bordeaux that was certainly jovial and friendly.

No blending here, single varietal wine 100% Merlot, worked on over-ripeness.

The packaging surprises with a Burgundy bottle, and anti-traditional labels presented in 6 scenes revealing the character of “Bérue” in all its forms.

And finally, what is Bérue? The slightly crazy nickname of your winemaker who will now have no secrets from you!

As for the qualifying adjective with which it was given, full responsibility lies with my husband Cyril who was able to illustrate the offbeat concept of this wine well.

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Weight 7,5 kg